In A Very Real Sense Now - LP/ DL
THE EUROPEAN is the solo project of London-based musician and electronic artist, Simon Break. Break was previously in Icebreaker, later Icebreaker International, which he formed in the late 1990s with american musician, Alexander Perls. Icebreaker / Icebreaker International recorded three albums on three different labels before disbanding in 2004, 'Distant Early Warning' (Aesthetics, 1999), 'Trein Maersk' (It Records,2000) and 'Into Forever' (Sound Of A Handshake, 2003). THE EUROPEAN's music is at one level simplistic and melancholic, but at another Break's unusual use of instrumentation and software give it a lingering and mesmerising edge.  

In A Very Real Sense Now (12“ Vinyl 33rpm)
£ 10.00
In a Very Real Sense Now
I'm Compromising
I'm Not Getting What I Want From You
Theme From New Fun
Wet Dream
The Settler
Calm Calm Calm
Time to Go
In A Very Real Sense Now - LP/ DL (Album Download)
£ 4.99

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